Portable, battery powered X-ray unit Ditlink-100Mini

The Ditlink-100Mini is a portable, battery-operated monobloc X-ray unit using high-frequency technology. Equipped with the large capacity of a lithium polymer battery, the portable X-ray unit does not require main power. Approximately 250 exposures are possible between charging cycles.

With a weight of 12 kg, Ditlink-100Mini  is a very reliable and durable X-ray unit. The high-frequency generator provides high output power and brilliant clinical images.

Max. power requirement 1.6 kW
Battery Lithium-ion polymer
kV range in 1 kV steps 40 to 100 kV
mAs Range 0.4 – 50 mAs, 32 steps
X-ray Tube Focal Spot : 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm
Power 130 – 260 V
Collimator high brightness and integrated timer

min.≤6 x 6 cm @ 100cm FBA

max.≤48 x 48 cm @ 100cm FBA

Dimensions 216 x 168 x 332 mm
Net Weight 12.2 kg (including battery)


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