Portable monoblock X-ray unit with high frequency technology

The X-ray with Ditlink X-110 unit automatic mains voltage adjustment guarantees a constant X-ray output of power unaffected by fluctuations. Thanks to the integrated capacitor, uninterrupted operation after a short power failure or change of location is easily possible. The Ditlink X-110 is equipped with remote control function hand switch as well as touch panel via a and LED display and is also ideally suited for stationary radiography. Modern LED light High performance capacitor for stable and reliable power supply Automatic mains voltage compensation Dimensions: 274 x 212 x 415 mm Weight: 16.7 kg

Construction Monoblock X-ray unit, high frequency technology (full bridge inverter system)
Output Tube vol./current                  110 kV/ 100 mA


X-ray Tube Focal spot 1.5 mm
Collimator Min. light field 5 cm x 5 cm @100 cm SID
Max. light field 47cm x 47cm @100 cm SID
Lamp LED


Power Input 100-240 V
Dimensions 274 x 212 x 415 mm
Weight 16,7 kg

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